Blast to the Past: Washington’s War

Written by Rhody Cohon Stacia Deutsch
Review by Wendy A. Zollo

Blast to the Past is a marvelous series. The History Club, made up of Abigail, Bo and twin brothers Jacob and Zack, use a hand-held time travel machine made by their teacher Mr. C to convince history’s most important figures not to give up or give in to the dastardly Babs Magee.

Babs, always a step ahead and a loony but appropriate villain, is out to persuade George Washington to leave Valley Forge and head back to the comforts of his home, Mount Vernon. Of course, if Washington takes the easy road the Revolutionary War will be lost. The children take George into the future, showing him the possible results of his abandoned efforts.

While Washington’s War is as satisfying and rewarding as most of the books in this award-winning series, I found Babs Magee’s actions to be wanting in this entry. The history and information and even a terrific recipe for firecakes (a Revolutionary army staple) was there; however, the story itself was just a bit flat. Ages 7-10.