Believing the Dream

Written by Lauraine Snelling
Review by Jetta Culpepper

This second volume in the Return to Red River series continues the lives of the Bjorklund family of Northfield, Minnesota. Thorliff’s yearnings to become a writer usher him into college. Life there is difficult, due in part to the new experience and the distance from loved ones. Readers are quickly introduced to Elizabeth Rogers, a student with dreams of becoming a doctor. Her hopes are to save lives of women in childbirth. In the background of their stories, the impact of wretched winters beginning in November, 1893 somehow reflects the heartaches of romance, strength of family ties and eventually the rewards of faith presented through the lives of the Bjorklund and Rogers families.

The author has chosen an easy writing style without the complication of several intertwined plots. The narrative moves slowly to a predictable outcome. These qualities will make this work accessible to high school age readers. It will appeal most to readers who enjoy stories of characters whose lives are driven by biblical faith. Individuals searching for inspirational reading regarding young adults troubled with uncertainty and worry will find this volume fulfilling.