Angel of Mercy

Written by James Scott Bell Tracie Peterson
Review by Melissa Galyon

Angel of Mercy, third in Peterson and Bell’s Shannon Saga, portrays the life of a young, single woman in the predominant male culture of early 1900s Los Angeles. Kit Shannon, attorney, finds herself in the middle of a murder trial defending an enemy from a former court case. Peterson and Bell have continued a very entertaining inspirational series in this novel. A Los Angeles police officer, Ed Hanratty, needs to find a way to look good in his captain’s eyes. When he hears of criminals on the run near the local bar, he takes off to capture them. But the arrest goes badly, and a man is killed. Hanratty, arrested and indicted, faces murder charges. He calls his former opponent, Kit, to his defense.

The novel is fun and suspenseful, leaving readers few opportunities for breaks. Kit is a likeable character, as are her friends and co-workers. I definitely suggest reading the series in order (start with City of Angels) to keep track of the storyline.