An Old, Cold Grave

Written by Iona Whishaw
Review by Susan McDuffie

Independent and intelligent, Lane Winslow, although only in her twenties, has abandoned her wartime career as a secret agent, along with her native England, for a quiet life in the countryside of post-WWII British Columbia. In this mystery, Lane’s pastoral life is disrupted by the discovery of a child’s remains buried in the roof of her neighbor’s root cellar. No one claims any knowledge of the pathetic bundle of long-buried bones. The ensuing investigation brings buried relationships, long thought dead, back among the living in the little town of King’s Cove—including some troublesome ghosts from Lane’s own wartime past―but it also brings Lane back in contact with the oh-so-attractive Inspector Darling.

I confess that after reading this, the third Lane Winslow mystery, I rushed out and bought the first two in this series. Well-drawn, pleasantly complex characters and a clearly developed, believable, and intriguing setting both add to the appeal of this book. The plot is filled with twists and surprises, and the book was a delight! Recommended for mystery lovers, and for fans of books set in the post-war era.