An Inconvenient Beauty

Written by Kristi Ann Hunter
Review by Ray Thompson

Griffith, Duke of Riverton, decides to follow rational principles when he selects a bride, but his choice, Miss Frederica St. Claire, not only proves surprisingly evasive, but keeps leaving him in the company of her cousin, Miss Isabella Breckenridge. Since the latter is intelligent as well as strikingly beautiful, he finds himself falling in love with her; she, however, rejects his suit, preferring to flirt with a crowd of less eminent rivals.

Though the plot seems a bit forced, both ladies have reasons for their mystifying behavior (he is a duke and eligible), but it takes considerable time and effort to reach the happy conclusion one expects from a Regency romance. When the author allows her characters to relax in the company of friends and family, the interaction is humorous and lively. Such interludes are overshadowed, unfortunately, by the stressful situations in which they find themselves and the misery and guilt that result. Although the protagonists keep reminding themselves to trust that God will work things out for the best, this brings them more frustration than comfort, as can often be the case in inspirational romances. It is a reaction some readers will share. Learning patience is not easy.