A Wicked Game (Ruthless Rivals, 3)

Written by Kate Bateman
Review by Ray Thompson

Captain Morgan Davies returns to London from the Napoleonic Wars seeking to punish the cartographer whose map was responsible for his shipwreck and imprisonment. This, however, turns out to be none other than Harriet Montgomery, the young woman with whom he has been in love for years. Once the circumstances are explained, the focus switches to their increasingly torrid romantic relationship.

The reliability of naval maps at this time is an interesting subject, but here merely serves as a plot device to bring together two lovers whose public bickering disguises a powerful mutual attraction. Nor is there much information about the procedures for operating on the cataracts which impair the vision of Harriet’s father. The former French officer who stalks them is a stereotypical villain who is easily disposed of after he provides an opportunity for the hero to demonstrate his protective credentials.

Those looking for a Regency romance with progressively steamy encounters will not be disappointed, but the potential for more is neglected.