A Twist in Time

Written by Julie McElwain
Review by India Edghill

Kendra Donovan is a crack FBI agent—or was, until she fell through a time anomaly and wound up in 1815 London. Her attempts to return to the present have so far failed, and she’s become, officially, the ward of the scientifically-minded Duke of Aldridge (no, he’s not the hero; he’s old enough to be her father, sorry), who knows the truth about her life in the future. To most people in 1815, Kendra is an odd, outspoken American. But to the Duke’s nephew and heir, Alec, Kendra’s the woman he loves. Alec wants her to stay in 1815 and marry him. But, although she’s attracted to Alec, Kendra has refused to give up trying to return home.

Kendra’s modern forensic skills proved useful when she caught a serial killer near Aldridge Castle. Now, she must use those skills again, in London, for Alec’s former lover, Lady Dover, has been brutally murdered, and Alec is blamed for the crime. With no professional backup but a Bow Street Runner and the Duke, Kendra must find Lady Dover’s killer before Alec is either indicted by the House of Lords or murdered by one of Lady Dover’s other lovers. For Lady Dover was far from a perfect lady, and more than one person had a compelling reason to want her dead.

A Twist in Time is an engrossing, enjoyable book. Kendra’s struggles with the manners and mores of London Society in 1815 are both amusing and grimly serious, and she isn’t willing to throw over her own time and life just because Alec is super-hot. There are a few historical glitches, such as mauve clothing (a color invented in 1856). But the book is fast and fun to read, and watching a modern FBI agent try to solve crimes without any 21st-century tech to help is intriguing.