A Texan’s Honor

Written by Leigh Greenwood
Review by Rebecca Roberts

Although born and raised a Texan, Bret Nolan has spent the last six years behind a Boston desk trying to prove to his mother’s family that he is a worthy member of the family. A mission to escort heiress Emily Abercrombie back to Boston gives Bret the chance he has been waiting for. Told never to come back if he fails to bring Emily home, Bret determinedly returns to Texas, which takes him back to his roots. Texas in 1881 is much the same as when he left, and Bret finds himself remembering his love for ranching, and his adopted family.

Emily is happily settled on her ranch, determined to continue her father’s business, and stubbornly refusing to move to Boston. Bret, who admires the courageous young woman, worries about her safety when he learns someone is rustling her cattle. Promising to find the rustler, Bret finds himself falling in love with Emily, and wondering how he can convince her to change her plans.

This is a delightful story that brings 19th century cattle country vividly to life. Both Emily and Bret are believable, likable characters, if not slightly too pure. A sweet historical western with a fast-paced plot and cowboy-style action, it is a surprisingly entertaining story.