A Shocking Delight

Written by Jo Beverley
Review by Elizabeth Knowles

England, 1817. In this Regency romance, Lucy Potter, a cit’s wealthy daughter, is forced by social circumstances to have a London season. She is not interested in marriage until she meets the handsome, intelligent, scandal-ridden Earl of Wyvern. Sensuality percolates as Wyvern finds reason after bona-fide reason why he cannot marry Lucy. His deplorable, crime and madness-soaked family history may doom this passionate love story before it starts. Can happiness possibly prevail?

Some may find the ongoing parade of characters from Beverley’s earlier books a little confusing. London scenes of ton social events are tepid, except for episodes of delicious romance between Lucy and Wyvern. When the action moves to the Devon seacoast, the setting is grittier and more compelling as the plot picks up speed and real danger threatens.

This is another of Beverley’s wickedly entertaining reads, carefully researched and full of spice. Fans should buy it as a matter of course. The book stands alone, but new readers may want to start with earlier Company of Rogues titles, or with The Dragon’s Bride, set a year prior to this in the same locale.