A Place Called Rainwater

Written by Dorothy Garlock
Review by Eva Fox Mate

There is an unwritten rule in historical romance fiction that dictates that a book by best-selling author Dorothy Garlock never disappoints. Her latest book is no exception.

Life in the tough, mannerless, almost entirely male town of Rainwater, Oklahoma isn’t easy for a woman, but that doesn’t deter feisty Jill Jones. The young Missouri woman has come to Rainwater to run her ailing aunt’s hotel, and she’s determined to do the job well. She is equally determined not to let Thad Taylor, a man she grew up with, stand in the way of her independence. But business struggles and a serial killer on the loose are enough to rattle any girl and Jill soon discovers that she is much stronger with Thad by her side. Filled with snappy dialogue and plenty of action, A Place Called Rainwater is a fast-paced, enjoyable read. Once again Ms. Garlock has created a tender love story as well as a clever mystery that is sure to leave you clamoring for more.