A Night to Surrender

Written by Tessa Dare
Review by Monica E. Spence

In 1813, Susanna Finch is the only child of a world-renowned inventor of British weaponry. Susannah has made the village of Spindle Cove, called Spinster Cove by its detractors, as a safe haven for well-bred ladies with problems. Women can come to regain their health, mend a broken heart, or find shelter from a cruel world

Victor Bramwell is an injured Army officer deemed Earl of Rycliff for his valor in battle. Susanna must figure out a way to keep the Cove from being overrun with unwanted men, while Bram must follow his orders to get a local militia up and running in time for a review of his superiors. The two fight a powerful attraction, and one another, before they realize that working together is the key to success — and the key to their love.

A Night to Surrender tackles the treatment of early 19th-century women’s medicine and society’s treatment of women with “flaws,” both physical and emotional.

Alternately hilarious and serious, this is a most enjoyable read. Recommended.