A Most Unsuitable Match

Written by Stephanie Grace Whitson
Review by Nan Curnutt

In May 1869, a protected, privileged, and recently orphaned young lady from St. Louis, Missouri, Miss Fannie Rousseau, heads west on a steamboat, with only her personal maid, to solve a family mystery and escape from marrying the wrong man. She finds herself attracted and beholden to Samuel Beck, a dockworker on the steamboat, who is simply not of her class. Samuel is heading west to find answers to his own questions about the disappearance of his abused sister. Through their unusual friendship, born of adversity, the people they meet and the hardships they endure, they find answers to questions they did not even know to ask.

This inspirational novel shows that a person’s worth cannot be measured with dollars, and that answers to life’s questions are not as simple as they seem. The people Fannie and Samuel meet throughout the novel are multidimensional characters, each offering some valuable lesson, directly or indirectly. It is through these people and their imperfections that Fannie and Samuel finally find their answers. Readers of inspirational novels of the West and anyone interested in steamboats will enjoy the historical elements in this book.