A Man of Feathers

Written by Roger Paulding
Review by John H. Manhold

Solomon Seney, the son of a Maryland plantation owner in the 1700s, having lost the love of his life, is persuaded by a friend to explore the frontier. They travel to trading posts, forts, and villages, encountering a weird old trader, Indians of several nations, soldiers and assorted other persons, one of whom pursues a vicious vendetta against the two young men until the end of the novel.

The basic plot is serviceable, but the narrative somewhat rambles early and some of the incidents and plot progressions might be confusing, especially to the history aficionado, particularly regarding the locations and natures of some of the native tribes encountered. Some of the characterizations could have been more fully presented, but the last hundred pages are interestingly done, albeit with a caveat for some graphic descriptions of violence.