A Love Woven True

Written by Judith Miller Tracie Peterson
Review by Jetta Culpepper

Jasmine Houston, the widowed mother of two-year-old Spencer, is living comfortably in Lowell, Massachusetts, in 1849 when her father commands that she return immediately to The Willows. Her mother and her Mammy are both near death. Nolan, Jasmine’s brother-in-law, accompanies them on the trip south to Mississippi, and along the way, romantic sparks fly between them. Jasmine makes a deathbed promise to Mammy to buy and free her son, Obadiah. The owner of Harwood Plantation had forced Mammy not only to leave the child but to remain silent about his existence. The process of locating and freeing Obadiah, along with his wife and son, leads to Jasmine’s active involvement in the Underground Railroad. The later abduction of Naomi, Obadiah’s wife, and Spencer is presumed to be an act of retaliation for permitting runaways to stay on Jasmine’s property.

This story presents multiple perspectives on slavery. Abolitionists risk both their life and property if they are found associating with runaway slaves, and the plot thickens when family members take opposing sides. A sprinkling of mystery with a touch of suspense enhances the smooth writing. This easy-to-read tale will carry readers right along to the last page, where a surprise awaits in the last few lines. This is the second title in the Lights of Lowell Series.