A Lady’s Finder (When the Blood Is Up)

Written by Edie Cay
Review by Shauna McIntyre

In 1818 London, Lady Agnes has spent her entire life skirting her sister’s moods and her mother’s expectations. As the daughter of an earl, she is expected to find a prosperous match despite the fact that she does not intend to marry. She is filled with despair after pouring her attentions and affections on another woman of the ton, only to find out that she is getting married and leaving town. In her state of grief and confusion, it takes a while for her to realize that there is someone else who just might deserve her love more.

Jack About Town does not lead an ordinary life. In fact, he spends his days finding things that are missing and his nights working at the Molly house that doubles as his home. It is there he found true acceptance when his elder brother made living at home unbearable. You see, Jack About Town is living a non-binary life when such a thing is thought to be impossible. And yet, Lady Agnes, the woman his heart desires, just might accept him in all his complexity. But,

will her family feel the same way, especially after he is hired to find something thought to be in possession of her cousin?

The third installment in the When the Blood is Up series is filled with wonderfully complex characters and a twisty plot that keeps you guessing. Jack About Town is my absolute favorite romance character of all time and ends up with a very satisfying Happily-Ever-After to top it off.