A Lady Like Sarah

Written by Margaret Brownley
Review by Rebecca Roberts

In 1879 Missouri, the Reverend Justin Wells journeys west to begin his new post in Rocky Creek, Texas. He meets an injured U.S. Marshal and his prisoner, Sarah Prescott, of the infamous Prescott Gang, who has been arrested on charges of murder. As Justin aids the Marshal and gets to know Sarah, he realizes that she has been wrongly accused. When they discover an orphaned baby, and Justin sees how tender Sarah can be, he struggles with his ethics. He must make the decision to take this woman to Texas to await her trial – and inevitable hanging – or follow his heart and let her go. The decision, however, is out of his hands when Sarah’s brothers, the Prescotts, show up to help her escape.

This inspirational novel is filled with details of the Old West, interesting characters, and moral dilemmas. While it is slow to start, the pace picks up as Justin and Sarah get closer to Texas and her fate. Brownley has successfully conveyed the struggles of settling in the West as well as the rough and tumble atmosphere of so many small towns. Overall, this is a fine inspirational romantic read.