A Knight’s Temptation

Written by Catherine Kean
Review by Nanette Donohue

Lady Leona Ransley has taken responsibility for her family estate since her father is in no condition to handle affairs. When Leona brings a stolen ruby pendant to a local tavern in order to collect the reward, she is abducted by squire Aldwin Treynarde, who is charged with returning the pendant to its rightful owner. Leona and Aldwin have a past—they met as children and were involved in a tragic accident. As the two travel the countryside on a quest to return the pendant to its rightful owner, they quickly realize that they also have a future.

Both Leona and Aldwin are a little too headstrong for their own good, and both have a strong sense of duty. Aldwin’s desire for forgiveness is the novel’s emotional center, and the love story hinges on whether Leona can forgive Aldwin—and whether Aldwin can forgive himself. Kean’s love of the era is apparent, and readers looking for medieval romantic suspense will find much to enjoy here.