A Home In The Valley

Written by Dianna Crawford
Review by Audrey Braver

This novel opens in Cane Ridge, Kentucky, in 1801 at a weeklong camp revival meeting. Not all the attendees are good Christian folk seeking enlightenment, however, as the large assembly also draws hucksters and gamblers. When Sabina Erhardt’s stepfather loses her in a poker game, she puts her trust in the Lord and hides in a departing wagon belonging to Baxter Clay, a widower with four children. He hires the beautiful, hard-working young woman to keep his house. The Clay children adore Sabina, and her strong Christian values win her acceptance by the other families in the farming community. The only obstacle to her happiness is her secret love for Baxter, who is determined to marry for material gain.

Although her heroine seems too naïve for a woman of twenty-two, and her portrayal of farm life on the Tennessee frontier is more civilized than expected, the author tells a convincing love story, written with emotion and intelligence. Throughout the story, the reader is reminded of God’s love and mercy as Sabina puts her trust in Him to help her find her way.