A Duke to Remember

Written by Kelly Bowen
Review by Ray Thompson

Elise deVries is a tracker, skilled at finding her quarry. As an undercover agent for Chegarre & Associates, known for discreet handling of indelicate scandals, she is assigned to locate the missing Duke of Ashland. This turns out to be dangerous to both her heart and her life: the duke is unexpectedly attractive, but the heir to his estate will stop at nothing to ensure his death.

For a Regency, there is more adventure than usual, as Elise nearly drowns rescuing a child and survives two assassination attempts. Fortunately, as a former tracker for the Canadian militia during the War of 1812, she possesses toughness and skills unavailable to most young ladies in Regency England, and the Duke has acquired a few of his own struggling to survive as a youth on the dangerous back streets of London. And they have loyal friends. Definitely recommended for those who enjoy a lively and well-paced adventure mixed with passionate romance, and a feisty and remarkably talented heroine, who is as adroit at disguise as she is accurate with a Baker rifle.