A Duke to Die For

Written by Amelia Grey
Review by Nan Curnutt

Lucien Trent Blakewell, fifth Duke of Blakewell, Blake to his friends, is surprised to find a beautiful young woman, obviously a proper lady, awaiting him in his home. He is even more surprised when she claims he is her guardian. Henrietta Tweed, on the other hand, is running out of guardians. She is sure she is cursed because each of her guardians has died from unusual accidents when she is in their care. She has only one guardian left. She sets out to convince Blake to end her guardianship so he will be safe. If she fails, she is determined to protect him from harm in any way she can.

This novel is the first in Ms. Grey’s Rogue’s Dynasty series. These stories, set in Regency England, will explore the lives of the three grandsons of Lady Elder. She is a fictitious friend of the real Lord Chesterfield, whose letters to his son in the 18th century were legendary. Lady Elder quotes and misquotes Lord Chesterfield, much to the vexation of her three grandsons. The endearing characters and lively plot of this story will ensure reader interest in the sequels. An enjoyable read.