A Clash of Steel: A Treasure Island Remix (Remixed Classics, 1)

Written by C.B. Lee
Review by Melissa Warren

Do your eyelids droop when you hear the word classic? Never fear, remixed classic to the rescue! C. B. Lee’s reimaging of Treasure Island transports readers to China in the 1800s when one pirate ruled the ocean, the queen of the Dragon Fleet, Zheng Yi Sao, and she makes Blackbeard look like a naïve schoolboy.

A Clash of Steel overflows with sword fights, mysterious islands, and epic storms, but it offers readers much more than the classic tale. C. B. Lee is no Victorian-era author. Lee and her heroin, Xiang, take this story to bolder, brighter places and offer a refreshing challenge to history and the people who record it.

Lee’s attention to language, culture, and identity creates a more inclusive and exciting portal into history for young readers. It is a space where diverse audiences can imagine their place sailing the high seas searching for treasure. Xiang’s struggle to connect with her mother, defy expectations, and claim her place in her found family reminds readers that they too can cut their own paths. It is the perfect read for anyone who loves romance, adventure, and a fresh perspective; I highly recommend this book for ages 13 and up.