A Certain Truth

Written by James Scott Bell
Review by Lorraine Gelly

In 1907 Kit Shannon Fox and her husband, Ted, are returning to Los Angeles from a belated honeymoon in Hawaii. Married six months previously, Kit, a female trial lawyer, couldn’t get away earlier because of an urgent summons from a client. The last night on board, Kit and Ted dine with an unusual group of fellow passengers at the captain’s table: Professor Faire, a philosophy teacher and avowed atheist; newlyweds Wanda and Chilton Boswell; and the groom’s mother, Mrs. Glenna Boswell, among others. Boswell is rude and obnoxious, and he storms off to the gambling salon after an argument with Wanda. The next morning, when his body is discovered by Wanda in their suite, the young woman asks Kit to help her. The captain and the ship’s doctor state that it is murder, and the captain detains Wanda for the Los Angeles police. Kit agrees to represent Wanda.

This book didn’t work for me as a historical novel; however, it was a fair courtroom drama. Written for a Christian press, the main characters, Kit and Ted, are devout biblical scholars and have established a biblical institute. This does not detract from the mystery, but I felt it was the main purpose of the book.