K. M. Sandrick

The Intrigues of Jennie Lee

By Alex Rosenberg - Published 2020



Member of Parliament from Scotland Jennie Lee is swept up in both romantic and political maneuverings in the turbulent 1920s and 1930s. Only 24 ...Read Review

Death By Shakespeare: Snakebites, Stabbings and Broken Hearts

By Kathryn Harkup - Published 2020



Executions, strangulations, poisonings, disease, beheadings, snakebites, stabbings. These are just a few of the MOs employed by William Shakespeare to dispatch more than 250 ...Read Review

The World Aflame: A New History of War and Revolution: 1914-1945

By Marina Amaral - Published 2020



The World Aflame begins in the last days of the Edwardian era, a time of peace prompted by the Entente Cordiale that nonetheless ...Read Review

The Silence

By Susan Allott - Published 2020


Isla Green returns to Sydney, Australia, after receiving a late-night phone call from her father, Joe, who has become a subject of interest ...Read Review

A Dangerous Language (Rowland Sinclair Mysteries)

By Sulari Gentill - Published 2020



A young woman has been beaten, her body torched and left in a culvert near Albury, Australia. Days later, a card-carrying Communist is ...Read Review

A Most Wicked Conspiracy: The Last Great Swindle of the Gilded Age

By Paul Starobin - Published 2020



In 1898, flakes of gold can be found in creeks and meadows and atop bedrock across wide swaths of northwest Alaska, leading to a ...Read Review

The Spice King (Hope and Glory)

By Elizabeth Camden - Published 2019


Inspirational Romance

Annabelle Larkin, recent graduate of Kansas State Agricultural College, is trying to turn her temporary position as botanical specialist at the Smithsonian Institution ...Read Review

The Indigo Ghosts (A Gabriel Tavener Mystery)

By Alys Clare - Published 2020



Rural Devon physician Gabriel Taverner is summoned by his former ship’s captain Zeke Colt to board the recently docked Falco, search the ...Read Review

The Book of Science and Antiquities

By Thomas Keneally - Published 2019



Award-winning documentary filmmaker Shelby Apple is approaching the end of his days after being diagnosed with esophageal cancer in 2015. As he contemplates his ...Read Review


By Alan A. Winter - Published 2020


A gravely injured soldier wakens from a coma in the Royal Ear and Nose Clinic of Charité Hospital in Berlin eight months after ...Read Review