K. M. Sandrick

The Three Locks (A Sherlock Holmes Adventure 4)

By Bonnie Macbird - Published 2021



Dr. John Watson receives an ornate silver box that was meant to be delivered to him on his 21st birthday but has been ...Read Review

Clark and Division

By Naomi Hirahara - Published 2021



Aki Ito and her parents come to Chicago in 1944, after being uprooted from their home in Tropico, California, incarcerated with thousands of other ...Read Review

The Secrets of the Lake

By Liz Trenow - Published 2021


In 2019, 84-year-old Molly Goddard is forced to turn her memories back to the time when she, her father, and brother Jimmy first arrived ...Read Review

Acts of Dreams: Part 3 of The Inquisition Trilogy

By Martin Elsant - Published 2021


Maria and Will Ames return to England after abandoning their dreams of building a Jewish refuge for victims of the Inquisition in 1572. They ...Read Review

Darkness Beyond (A Herbert Reardon Mystery, 5)

By Marjorie Eccles - Published 2021



Paul Millar, thought to be dead for 14 years, turns up at his family’s house in Folbury, England, in February 1933. But his homecoming ...Read Review

A Rogue’s Company (Sparks & Bainbridge Mystery, 3)

By Allison Montclair - Published 2021



On the advice of business partner Iris Sparks, Gwendolyn Bainbridge gets her first taste of a heavy punching bag at Macaulay’s Martial ...Read Review

The Golden Thread: The Cold War and the Mysterious Death of Dag Hammarskjöld

By Ravi Somaiya - Published 2021



Dag Hammarskjöld, second Secretary-General of the United Nations, boards the DC-6B aircraft known as Albertina in Leopoldville, Congo, on the evening ...Read Review

Time and Again

By Sheldon Russell - Published 2021



In the time before records were kept, a man and a buffalo, locked in combat, fall to their deaths in the canyon on ...Read Review

The Collector’s Daughter: A Novel of the Discovery of Tutankhamun’s Tomb

By Gill Paul - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

Lady Evelyn Beauchamp is recovering from a stroke in London in July 1972. Her husband, Sir Brograve, is considering whether his wife is well ...Read Review

The Devil May Dance (Charlie and Margaret Marder Mystery, 2)

By Jake Tapper - Published 2021



U.S. Congressman Charlie Marder and his wife, zoologist Dr. Margaret, share sips of Jack Daniel’s as they bemoan the passing of ...Read Review

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