Petty Treason

Written by Madeleine E. Robins
Review by Diane Scott Lewis

After a youthful indiscretion, Miss Sarah Tolerance is a fallen woman in 1810 London. To support herself she works as the only female Agent of Inquiry. Adept at swordplay and disguises, she privately solves minor crimes, until the mysterious murder of the Chevalier d’Aubigny. Hired by the brother-in-law of the brutally murdered Frenchman, Miss Tolerance meets the childlike widow and discovers that d’Aubigny had numerous people anxious to kill him. As she works her way through seedier London, Sarah comes up against crooked constables, whores, French spies and a devious member of the royal family.

Robins’ heroine is believable, the plot interesting, if not always plausible. The flavor of London, and writing style, is reminiscent of Dickens, the characters often having names that reflect their personalities. I look forward to the next installment in this series.