Cynthia McArthur

William and Lucy

By Michael Brown - Published 2012


This novel imagines the love affair between William Wordsworth and his muse Lucy Sims as the inspiration for his poem “She Dwelt Among ...Read Review

Her Highness, The Traitor

By Susan Higginbotham - Published 2012


This is not the story of the nine-day Queen, Lady Jane Grey, but of her family, her husband Guildford Dudley’s family, and ...Read Review

Under the Same Sky

By Genevieve Graham - Published 2012



Maggie and her sisters are left to fend for themselves in colonial South Carolina after their brutish father dies in a freak accident. ...Read Review

Beyond the Wood

By Michael J.Roueche - Published 2011


Set during the American Civil War and “not long ago,” this is the story of Union soldier Hank Gragg and his several-times great ...Read Review

You Are Not Like Other Mothers

By Angelika Schrobsdorff - By Steve Rendell (trans.) - Published 2012


Biographical FictionLiterary

You Are Not Like Other Mothers is a simple title for a book that is neither simple fiction nor dry enough to be ...Read Review

Shadow of the Green Cross

By Anne Marcia Shaftel - Published 2011


Isabel Alvares is the daughter of a prominent Jewish bookseller.  Her family is forced into baptism by the Spanish Inquisition when she is ...Read Review

My Enemy’s Tears

By Karen Vorbeck Williams - Published 2011


Biographical Fiction

Mary Bliss (Parsons) moves with her family from England to the colonies to escape religious persecution and the King’s tyranny.  We watch ...Read Review

By the King’s Design

By Christine Trent - Published 2012


Annabelle Stirling (Belle) and her flighty, journal-writing brother Wesley own a draper’s shop in Yorkshire until a Luddite mob, unhappy with Belle’...Read Review

Accidents of Providence

By Stacia M. Brown - Published 2012



Set in England during Cromwell’s interregnum, Accidents of Providence centers on Rachel Lockyer, a glove maker’s apprentice accused of murdering her ...Read Review

Fires of Winter

By Roberta Gellis - Published 2011



Fires of Winter is a journey through 12th-century England as seen from the perspective of Bruno, the son of the Lord of Jernaeve ...Read Review