Arleigh Johnson

Wicked Pleasures

By Penny Vincenzi - Published 2006Published 2012



Praeger & Son banking company in New York City had been successful for many decades thanks to Frederick Praeger III, who brought the ...Read Review

Confessions of the Creature

By Gary Inbinder - Published 2012


Frankenstein’s creature is given a new voice and a fresh start in this continuation of Mary Shelley’s classic. Journeying from the ...Read Review

Ladies in Waiting

By Laura L. Sullivan - Published 2012


Children/Young Adult

Three young women from different walks of life find themselves in the high position of serving the wife of the Merry Monarch, King ...Read Review

Madame Serpent

By Jean Plaidy - Published 2006Published 2012


Biographical Fiction

The first volume of Jean Plaidy’s Catherine de Medici trilogy, this story begins with her unfortunate childhood as an orphan and pawn ...Read Review

Four Sisters, All Queens

By Sherry Jones - Published 2012


Biographical FictionSaga

The four beautiful sisters of Provence grew up in a household where daughters were educated like sons and expected to put loyalty to ...Read Review

The Woman Who Loved Jesse James

By Cindi Myers - Published 2012


Biographical Fiction

Jesse James – notorious outlaw to some, hero of the Southern cause to others – is brought brilliantly to life in this novelization of his ...Read Review

Mr. Bishop and the Actress

By Janet Mullany - Published 2011



Beautiful, sophisticated Sophie Marsden, the ton’s infamous Mrs. Wallace, has an ignominious fall from grace when she is abandoned by her lover ...Read Review

Where the Broken Heart Still Beats

By Carolyn Meyer - Published 1992


Biographical FictionChildren/Young AdultWestern

Nine-year-old Cynthia Ann Parker’s family had been settled in Texas for two years when their home was raided by Comanche Indians. She ...Read Review

The Centaur in the Garden

By Moacyr Scliar - Published 2011



During the early 19th century, a Jewish family escapes the brutality of the Russian Cossacks by immigrating to a small farming community in ...Read Review

The Unexpected Miss Bennet

By Patrice Sarath - Published 2011


Among the plethora of Jane Austen continuation novels, this story is distinct in that its central character is the least inspiring Bennet sister, ...Read Review