Anne McNulty

Stolen Memories

By Mary Miley - Published 2016



Eva Johnson, the main character in Mary Miley’s gripping new 1920s-set book Stolen Memories, begins the novel’s events at rock-bottom: she ...Read Review

The Seventh Son: The Norman Conquest Series, Book 4

By Ashley York - Published 2016



Ashley York puts a pair of star-crossed lovers at the center of the latest installment in her Norman Conquest series. In Ireland of 1075, ...Read Review

Son of the Sphinx

By Cheryl Carpinello - Published 2014


AdventureChildren/Young AdultTime-slip

Ancient history and fantasy mingle in Sons of the Sphinx, the latest in Cheryl Carpinello’s Quest series. Fifteen-year-old Rosa is visited by ...Read Review

Sofia’s Tune: Ellis Island Book 3

By Cindy Thomson - Published 2015



Cindy Thomson finishes her Ellis Island series by concentrating this time on Italian immigrants and their experiences in New York’s Little Italy, ...Read Review

The Breaking of Dawn (The Kingdom of Mercia, Book 1)

By Jayne Castel - Published 2015


Jayne Castel maps a classic troubled love story onto a much broader canvas of war and political intrigue in the first of her “...Read Review

Deadly Secret of the Lusitania

By Ivan Light - Published 2015



Ivan Light’s debut novel Deadly Secret of the Lusitania joins the long shelf of books about the sinking of the civilian passenger ...Read Review

Regarding Tiberius

By Helena Mithridates Kleopatra - Published 2015


Biographical Fiction

This big, richly atmospheric novel, “written” by Helena Mithridates Kleopatra, Crown Princess of Eupatoria in the Roman province of Pontus, with an “original ...Read Review

The Cavalier Club

By Stanley Goldyn - Published 2015



Europe’s bloody Thirty Years’ War forms the backdrop for Stanley Goldyn’s intelligent and marvelously entertaining adventure story The Cavalier Club. In 1618, ...Read Review

A Man without a Mistress (The Penningtons, Book Two)

By Bliss Bennet - Published 2015



“A man determined to atone for the past by immersing himself in political work — and by avoiding all entanglements with the ladies of ...Read Review

The Renegade Queen (Rebellious Times, Book 1)

By Eva Flynn - Published 2015


Biographical Fiction

This amazingly good debut novel by Eva Flynn stars Victoria Woodhull, a figure so outrageous and improbable that most of Flynn’s readers ...Read Review