Son of the Sphinx

Written by Cheryl Carpinello
Review by Anne McNulty

Ancient history and fantasy mingle in Sons of the Sphinx, the latest in Cheryl Carpinello’s Quest series. Fifteen-year-old Rosa is visited by the ghost of the teen pharaoh Tutankhamen, and she agrees to go back in time to ancient Egypt in order to help him find his lost queen, Hesena. But that already-difficult task is further complicated by two things: the sorcery-fueled evil of General Horemheb, and the very strong chance that she herself is falling in love with Tutankhamen.

In a series of short, fast-paced chapters, Carpinello takes this fairly standard YA fare and makes something very lively and sometimes quite touching out of it. Her Tutankhamen stubbornly remains something of an empty character throughout the book, but Rosa is a thoroughly charming creation.

Recommended for fans of historical YA.