Sofia’s Tune: Ellis Island Book 3

Written by Cindy Thomson
Review by Anne McNulty

Cindy Thomson finishes her Ellis Island series by concentrating this time on Italian immigrants and their experiences in New York’s Little Italy, where young Sofia Falcone meets a vaudeville pianist named Antonio and his remarkable dog. Antonio has dreams of pursuing his musical ability far beyond the cramped venues where he currently entertains the masses, and he is also pursuing the mystery of his father’s murder, trying to unravel what really happened.

Meanwhile, Sofia is dealing with her own family mystery, a secret that may well plunge her mother into permanent insanity should it be revealed.

Thomson keeps her plot moving steadily forward and manages to work in a strong but unobtrusive Christian subtext into a narrative that has plenty else going on the whole time. I was steadily entertained throughout, and there were elements of Antonio’s story – specifically, the struggle he has dealing with a complicatedly problematic uncle – that left a long-lasting impression.