She Writes

A Ring of Truth: A Henrietta and Inspector Howard Novel

By Michelle Cox - Published 2017



In Depression-era Chicago, Henrietta Von Harmon is newly engaged to Inspector Clive Howard. Hen is overwhelmed when she visits his parents, since Clive ...Read Review

An Address in Amsterdam

By Mary Dingee Fillmore - Published 2016


The story follows Rachel Klein, a young Jewish woman who hides during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands during WW2 and also works ...Read Review

Tasa’s Song

By Linda Kass - Published 2016


Many novels about the war ─ any war ─ involve survival; Tasa’s Song is no exception, but it has a difference in that the ...Read Review

The Island of Worthy Boys

By Connie Hertzberg Mayo - Published 2015


The Island of Worthy Boys, the debut novel from Connie Hertzberg Mayo, is the gritty and very affecting coming-of-age story of Aidan Sullivan ...Read Review

Eliza Waite

By Ashley E. Sweeney - Published 2016


“When Eliza arrives in Skagway, Alaska, she has less than fifty dollars to her name and not a friend in the world – but ...Read Review

The California Wife

By Kristen Harnisch - Published 2016



Second in a series about a Franco-American winemaking family at the turn of the 20th century, The California Wife presents the next stage ...Read Review


By Libby Ware - Published 2015


“‘There will always be a place for you, Lum.’  Her grandmother’s words echoed through her thoughts. But where? Like a broom in ...Read Review

South of Everything

By Audrey Taylor Gonzalez - Published 2015


Children/Young Adult

In this whimsical tale, readers are transported to a horse farm in post-WWII Tennessee where two privileged children are being raised by a ...Read Review

The Wiregrass

By Pam Webber - Published 2015


Children/Young Adult

A sweltering, Southern small town summer is the backdrop for a tale that is as rich and dense as the kudzu and wiregrass ...Read Review

Little Woman in Blue

By Jeannine Atkins - Published 2015


Biographical Fiction

Atkins’ elegantly understated work is the first novel to be written about May Alcott, a 19th-century artist whose talents were overshadowed by her ...Read Review