NAL Accent

Summer at Hideaway Key

By Barbara Davis - Published 2015


For the core of her third novel, Barbara Davis takes a staple of historical women’s fiction – the discovery of an old diary – ...Read Review

Here and Again

By Nicole R. Dickson - Published 2014



Why does a Confederate soldier, trying to get back home in 1863, keep on turning up in Ginger Martin’s orchard in 2012? The answer ...Read Review

The Secrets She Carried

By Barbara Davis - Published 2013



Barbara Davis’ debut opens with an attention-grabbing prologue. In 1940, Henry Gavin, owner of a large North Carolina tobacco plantation, brings his daughter Maggie ...Read Review

Out of the Shadows

By Joanne Rendell - Published 2010


Biographical FictionMystery/Crime

Clara Fitzgerald is a professor specializing in the history of science at Manhattan U. Her mother died suddenly a few months ago and ...Read Review