Sebastian’s Way: The Paladin

By George Steger - Published 2016


Sebastian’s Way: The Paladin, book two of The Sebastian Chronicles, is the retelling of Charlemagne’s continued challenges as king, then emperor, ...Read Review

The Cruel Romance

By Marina Osipova - Published 2016


Marina Osipova’s The Cruel Romance begins in a small village outside Moscow in 1941, when a young woman named Serafima is sending her ...Read Review

Exquisite Folly

By Jonathan Carriel - Published 2015



Exquisite Folly, the fourth instalment in Jonathan Carriel’s very entertaining series of adventures set in Colonial America (and its larger world). Featuring ...Read Review


By Nancy Blanton - Published 2012


In this nicely written debut, a young girl, Elvy, curses Oliver Cromwell after he murders a boy from her Irish village. In the ...Read Review

Malinalli of the Fifth Sun: The Slave Girl Who Changed the Fate of Mexico and Spain

By Helen Heightsman Gordon - Published 2011Published 2011-12-16



Helen Heightsman Gordon’s ambitious and rewarding new novel, Malinalli of the Fifth Sun, invites comparison with Gary Jennings’s bestselling hit novel ...Read Review

Captain Cobbler: The Lincolnshire Uprising, 1536

By Keith M. Melton - Published 2013


Melton’s thumpingly good debut novel finds as its focus the massive 1536 uprising against Henry VIII’s dissolving of the monasteries and ransacking ...Read Review

Sebastian’s Way: The Pathfinder (The Sebastian Chronicles, Book One)

By George Steger - Published 2013



The violent 8th-century world of Charlemagne is brought vividly to life in the first volume of George Steger’s “Sebastian Chronicles,” which star ...Read Review

Anvil Of God (Book One of the Carolingian Chronicles)

By J. Boyce Gleason - Published 2013


Biographical Fiction

Charles “The Hammer” Martel and his family are the focus of Gleason’s utterly confident novel, the first in a projected series about ...Read Review

The Sotweed Smuggler

By Barbara A. Andrews - Published 2012



This is a tale of sailing, smuggling and the volatile, violent relationships between the English, the Scotsmen and among the latter themselves in ...Read Review

Merely Dee

By Marian Manseau Cheatham - Published 2012


Alternate History

The background for this book is the capsizing of the steamer SS Eastland in the docks at Chicago on July 24, 1915.  The ship had ...Read Review