Sebastian’s Way: The Paladin

Written by George Steger
Review by Chas Forest

Sebastian’s Way: The Paladin, book two of The Sebastian Chronicles, is the retelling of Charlemagne’s continued challenges as king, then emperor, of 9th-century Europe with the success of nearly every campaign being dependent on this imaginary hero. The story is told in painstakingly proper order, equipped with maps and a glossary of actual names. The events are described in vivid detail through the eyes of one of the king’s closest and most relied upon warriors/advisors/Paladins—Sebastian.

Though the discourse seemed a bit modern to me, the trials and tribulations of this fictional character engrossed me at every turn with a staggering cast of real and imagined characters. From the changing landscapes to the political manoeuvering, every exotic detail rang with authenticity. With each new trek Charlemagne sends him on, Sebastian is ever loyal, sacrificing his own health, family, and peace of mind to complete his mission. Thoroughly entertaining. I had a hard time putting it down.