The Wolf Trial

By Neil MacKay - Published 2016


Neil MacKay’s version of 16th-century Germany resembles hell on earth. Pamphlets from the period describe the trial of one Peter Stumpf in ...Read Review

Under the Heartless Blue

By Allyson Stack - Published 2016



It’s 1884, and Vera Palmer, widowed at twenty-three, has left middle-class Connecticut for a bookkeeping job at a frontier Arizona boardinghouse. But the ...Read Review

The Turncoat

By Alan Murray - Published 2017Published c2016



George Maclean and Danny Inglis, two wartime Military Intelligence agents assigned to investigate the devastating Luftwaffe bombings of Clydebank in March of 1941, have ...Read Review

The Mauricewood Devils

By Dorothy Alexander - Published 2016


In 1889, a coal pit fire broke out in the Mauricewood Colliery in Scotland. As the fire spread, over 60 of the 70 men in the ...Read Review

The House Between Tides

By Sarah Maine - Published 2014Published 2016


Hetty, running from an uncomfortable relationship, travels to a remote island in the Outer Hebrides. It’s 2010, and she’s purchased the estate ...Read Review

First Time Solo

By Iain Maloney - Published 2015



Maloney drew on his grandfather’s experiences to create this story of a young man’s journey to become an RAF pilot in 1943. ...Read Review