Del Rey

The Man with the Iron Heart

By Harry Turtledove - Published 2008


Alternate HistoryThriller

SS Obergruppenfürher Reinhard Heydrich easily qualifies as one of the leading sociopaths produced by a Third Reich, which possessed them in abundance. ...Read Review

Troy: Shield of Thunder

By David Gemmell - Published 2006 (UK)Published 2007 (US)



Plain-faced Helen sits behind the walls of Troy, married to Paris but never to Menelaus; Andromache loves another but is betrothed to Hektor, ...Read Review

The Greener Shore

By Morgan Llywelyn - Published 2006


Briga, wife of the chief druid, Ainvar, becomes the first true Gael of Ainvar’s tribe. The first to leap upon Hibernia’s ...Read Review

The Narrows

By Alexander C. Irvine - Published 2005



One reader called this author’s style “historical occult fiction,” which is a more precise term than alternate history, although Mr. Irvine’s ...Read Review

Black Horses for the King

By Anne McCaffrey - Published 2004


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

This new edition of McCaffrey’s foray into the Arthurian legend is the latest in Del Rey’s Imagine series for younger readers, ...Read Review

Grail Prince

By Nancy McKenzie - Published 2003


Biographical FictionEpic

Grail Prince is an Arthurian epic of the first order. This sweeping retelling of the legend of Camelot focuses on Galahad, son of ...Read Review

The Dragon Queen

By Alice Borchardt - Published 2001



Sometime in the Dark Ages, a girl is born, a child of prophecy and high destiny. This child, Guinevere, is raised far from ...Read Review