The Elephant of Belfast (US) / The Zookeeper of Belfast (UK)

By S. Kirk Walsh - Published 2021


Violet, a three-year-old Ceylonese elephant, meets and enchants Hettie Quin immediately after disembarking at the Belfast harbor and making her lumbering way to ...Read Review

The Doll: A Portrait of My Mother

By Ismail Kadare - By John Hodgson (trans.) - Published 2020


Biographical FictionLiterary

Winner of the inaugural Man Booker International Prize and other prestigious awards, Ismail Kadare is Albania’s most well-known novelist and poet. This ...Read Review

Death and the Butterfly

By Colin Hester - Published 2020



Starting in 1940 and moving to the early years of the present century, this novel follows a disparate group of people connected by death ...Read Review

The King’s Beast: A Mystery of the American Revolution (Bone Rattler)

By Eliot Pattison - Published 2020



The latest installment in Eliot Pattison’s Bone Rattler series, The King’s Beast follows Duncan McCallum, a veteran of the Battle of ...Read Review

Only the River

By Anne Raeff - Published 2020



In 1938, during the Anschluss, a Jewish family escapes from Vienna to El Castillo, Nicaragua. The parents, both doctors, establish a clinic to assist ...Read Review

The Revisioners

By Margaret Wilkerson Sexton - Published 2019



Margaret Wilkerson Sexton has crafted an unforgettable story of strong women through multiple generations of one African American family in Louisiana. The chapters ...Read Review

Indecent Advances: A Hidden History of True Crime and Prejudice Before Stonewall

By James Polchin - Published 2019



Compact and powerful, Polchin’s social history of crimes against queer men in the first half of the 20th century coincides with the 50...Read Review

Savage Liberty

By Eliot Pattison - Published 2018



In 1768, the English merchant ship Arcturus, arriving from London, explodes in Boston harbor, killing 37 men on board. Upon examination of the destroyed vessel ...Read Review

Winter Kept Us Warm

By Anne Raeff - Published 2017



The first winter after World War II ended was brutal to those living in Berlin: cold, grim, few jobs and little food. For ...Read Review

The Widow Nash

By Jamie Harrison - Published 2017


Dulcy Remfrey’s father, Walton, has started to lose his mind and, in addition, a large fortune he should have brought home from ...Read Review

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