Black Rose Writing

Chasing Eleanor

By Kerry Chaput - Published 2023


During the Great Depression in 1935, riding the rails and standing in breadlines was part of daily life. Kerry Chaput’s main character, Magnolia ...Read Review

Crosswind (The WWII Adventures of MI6 Agent Katrin Nissen)

By Karen K. Brees - Published 2022


The invitation to present at a botanical conference is in direct opposition to Dr. Katrin Nissen’s research, but it provides the MI6 ...Read Review

The View from Half Dome

By Jill Caugherty - Published 2023


This lovely tale of coming-of-age and intergenerational friendship takes place against the spectacular natural backdrop of Yosemite National Park during the Depression. Isabel ...Read Review

Daughter of the Shadows (Defying the Crown)

By Kerry Chaput - Published 2023



The saga of Isabelle Collette continues in Daughter of the Shadows, second in Kerry Chaput’s IPPY-award-winning Defying the Crown series. In book 1, ...Read Review

A Persistent Echo

By Brian Kaufman - Published 2023



As this haunting and suspenseful novel opens, August Simms arrives, seemingly as a stranger, in the town of Rhome, Texas. We follow the ...Read Review

Sisters of Castle Leod

By Elizabeth Hutchison Bernard - Published 2023


Many people know Castle Leod as the Mackenzie stronghold in Gabaldon’s time-slip Outlander series, but the castle has a factual history, a ...Read Review

The Faithful Dog: A Civil War Novel

By Terry Lee Caruthers - Published 2022


Children/Young Adult

Bärchen is Louis Pfeif’s hound. When Louis leaves for the U.S. Civil War, Bärchen refuses to remain home and ...Read Review

The Unlocked Path

By Janis Robinson Daly - Published 2022


In 1897, Laura Edwards is steamrolling her daughter Eliza’s debut into Philadelphia society. Eliza wonders, “is there more?” She soon discovers her grandfather ...Read Review

Floating in the Neversink

By Andrea Simon - Published 2019


Short Stories

Eighteen short stories form this coming-of-age novel focused on Jewish life in the 1950s.  The scene shifts between the everyday of school and ...Read Review

Fateful Decisions

By Trevor D'Silva - Published 2017-10-20


Fateful Decisions starts with the WWI sinking of the Lusitania. On board are two young women: Rachel Williams and her best friend, Martha ...Read Review