When the Sky Falls

By Phil Earle - Published 2021


Children/Young Adult

This is a moving tale of a boy and an ape in war-time, based on a true story. Angry, disturbed Joseph, a boy ...Read Review

The Forgotten

By Mary Chamberlain - Published 2021


London in the Spring of 1958. Betty Fisher (born Bette Fischer) and John Harris, a school teacher, meet at a Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament ...Read Review

This Fierce Blood

By Malia Márquez - Published 2021



Three generations of women are profiled in three different time periods, and three different places in the United States. They all have one ...Read Review

The Finder of Forgotten Things

By Sarah Loudin Thomas - Published 2021


Inspirational Romance

Summer 1932. Handsome 28-year-old Sullivan “Sulley” Harris drifts from town to town in West Virginia, claiming expertise as a dowser. When his well locations ...Read Review

The Plague Letters

By V. L. Valentine - Published 2021



The plague is creeping through London, parish by parish. It is the summer of 1665, and those who can are escaping the city. Symon ...Read Review

The Vow: A Requiem for the Fifties

By Charles S. Kraszewski (trans.) - By Jirí Kratochvil - Published 2021



The Vow is a complex and multi-layered novel about architect Kamil Modráček, who confronts the harsh reality of Gottwald’s Stalinist regime ...Read Review

The River Through Rome

By Nicholas Nicastro - Published 2021


As Nicholas Nicastro’s The River Through Rome opens, Nonius, a minor but talented engineer in the last days of the Roman Republic, ...Read Review

Billie Swift Takes Flight

By Iszi Lawrence - Published 2021



The year is 1941. In a field near her home, twelve-year-old Billie Swift witnesses the crash of a Spitfire fighter plane. Billie has a ...Read Review

My Queen, My Love: A Novel of Henrietta Maria

By Elena Maria Vidal - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

Henrietta Maria in this book’s subtitle was the daughter of Henri IV (1553-1610), France’s first Bourbon king, and his wife Marie (1575...Read Review

Lies that Blind: A Novel of Late 18th Century Penang

By E. S. Alexander - Published 2021


1788 Calcutta, India: Jim, a nineteen-year-old Englishman, is a writer at the East India Company’s headquarters. Bored from mindless clerical activities, he aspires ...Read Review