Lions of the Desert

By Samuel Marquis - Published 2019



Cairo during World War II was officially neutral – but like most of the neutral countries, it was a hotbed of spies, counterspies, dazzling ...Read Review

The Sound of the Hours

By Karen Campbell - Published 2019


Karen Campbell’s latest novel is a departure for the author, leaving behind contemporary Scotland for Italy in the Second World War. In ...Read Review


By Euan Cameron - Published 2019


Why did Englishman Henry Latymer at the age of twenty-eight so precipitately leave his promising career as an artist in France, living for ...Read Review

How Fires End

By Marco Rafalà - Published 2019


David Vassallo is a teenager growing up in Little Melilli in Middletown, Connecticut. He is the object of a familial promise of revenge ...Read Review

The Goose Mistress: A Dark Love Story

By Conner McAleese - Published 2018


The Goose Mistress opens literally with a bang: the gunshot that leaves Unity Mitford, a hanger-on in the circle around Adolf Hitler, a ...Read Review

Poppy Redfern and the Midnight Murders (A Woman of WWII Mystery)

By Tessa Arlen - Published 2019



In the summer of 1942, England was war-weary, from heavily blitzed London to the serene village of Little Buffenden. Poppy Redfern, who has been ...Read Review

The Pearl Thief

By Fiona McIntosh - Published 2019


The Pearl Thief follows the story of Severine Kassel, a museum professional in the 1960s whose worlds collide when she is asked to ...Read Review

The Paris Orphan

By Natasha Lester - Published 2019


This powerful novel tells the story of female war correspondents in Europe during World War II. Its dual timelines, the WWII years and ...Read Review

Hitler’s Last Hostages: Looted Art and the Soul of the Third Reich

By Mary M. Lane - Published 2019



Just after the Royal Air Force drops more than 650,000 firebombs and destroys at least 80,000 homes in Dresden, Germany, Hildebrand Gurlitt packs up his ...Read Review

Creating Hitler’s Germany: The Birth of Extremism

By Tim Heath - Published 2019



How did it happen?  This must be the greatest question of the 20th century.  How did a technologically advanced, highly educated, European parliamentary ...Read Review