The Everlasting

By Katy Simpson Smith - Published 2020



Andiamo a Roma! We’ll visit the Eternal City four times in Katy Simpson Smith’s brilliant new novel The Everlasting, set in ...Read Review

The Secret Messenger

By Mandy Robotham - Published 2020


Venice, 1943: Stella Jilani is leading a double life, working as a typist in the Reich Office, but smuggling out information for the Italian ...Read Review

The Last Bathing Beauty

By Amy Sue - By Nathan - Published 2020


In the same way that Rosamunde Pilcher’s books often bring to life different generations of women meeting and surmounting challenges, Amy Sue ...Read Review

A Place in the World: Book 3, The Miramonde Series

By Amy Maroney - Published 2019


In this third in the Miramonde series, set in 1505, grieving the loss of a daughter, Miramonde de Oto and her husband Arnaud move ...Read Review

The Book of Science and Antiquities

By Thomas Keneally - Published 2019



Award-winning documentary filmmaker Shelby Apple is approaching the end of his days after being diagnosed with esophageal cancer in 2015. As he contemplates his ...Read Review

The Keeping House

By Meredith Kazer - Published 2020


In 1997, New Haven, Connecticut, young Lauren is in financial difficulties. Her deceased husband has left her with considerable debt. Hence, Lauren and her ...Read Review

The Alexandrite

By Dione Jones - Published 2019


Dione Jones offers an intriguing glimpse into the lives of the British aristocracy in the early 1900s and the present-day in her debut ...Read Review

The Grace Kelly Dress

By Brenda Janowitz - Published 2020


The Grace Kelly Dress tells the story of three women connected through the generations by a Grace Kelly-inspired wedding dress. In 1958 Paris, Rose ...Read Review

The Woman in the Mirror

By Rebecca James - Published 2020


In 1947 Cornwall, Alice Miller accepts a post as governess to the two motherless children of Captain de Grey at Winterbourne, a remote mansion ...Read Review

Love Lost in Time

By Cathie Dunn - Published 2019


France, 2018. Madeleine had hoped her mother would leave answers—like the name of her father. Instead, she’s saddled with her mother’s ...Read Review