Echoes of the Runes

By Christina Courtenay - Published 2020


Christina Courtenay is an award-winning writer of historical romance, and Echoes of the Runes is her first book with Headline. Historian Mia Maddox ...Read Review

The Forbidden Promise

By Lorna Cook - Published 2020


August 1940: escaping from a distressing incident at her 21st birthday party at Invermoray House, Constance is the sole witness when a Spitfire crashes ...Read Review

Big Lies in a Small Town

By Diane Chamberlain - Published 2020


In 2018, North Carolina inmate Morgan Christopher receives an unexpected offer: The late African American artist Jesse Jameson Williams has made a provision in ...Read Review

The Binder of Lost Stories

By Cristina Caboni - Published 2020


In Rome, Sofia is unhappy in her childless five-year marriage to Alberto, a businessman. She misses her former life as a librarian, her ...Read Review

The Spirit of the Dragon

By William Andrews - Published 2019


The Spirit of the Dragon is the third book in William Andrews’ series depicting Korean women and their fates during the war, but ...Read Review

Only the River

By Anne Raeff - Published 2020



In 1938, during the Anschluss, a Jewish family escapes from Vienna to El Castillo, Nicaragua. The parents, both doctors, establish a clinic to assist ...Read Review

Serving Up Love

By Jen Turano - By Karen Witemeyer - By Regina Jennings - By Tracie Peterson - Published 2019


Inspirational Romance

This is an anthology of four Christian romance novellas, about young women who worked for America’s first restaurant chain, Harvey House, set ...Read Review

There Was Still Love

By Favel Parrett -



The much anticipated There Was Still Love is Favel Parrett’s third novel. It continues her legacy of writing moving fiction in her ...Read Review

The Rock Blaster

By George Goulding (trans.) - By Henning Mankell - Published 2020



This book covers the period from the beginning to the last half of the 20th century and follows the life of Oskar Johansson. ...Read Review

The American Fiancée

By Eric Dupont - Published 2020



This rollicking Canadian novel, composed in lavish storytelling style, sweeps back and forth through the 20th century, spanning the Lamontagne family history, along ...Read Review