Early Medieval (to 1337)

The Column of Burning Spices: A Novel of Germany’s First Female Physician (Hildegard of Bingen)

By P.K. Adams - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

“Who is this woman who rises out of the wilderness like a column of smoke from burning spices?”  –Pope Eugenius Even the title ...Read Review

Her Kind

By Niamh Boyce - Published 2019


In the opening scene of this small, intimate novel, a group of women marked with the yellow crosses of heretics is led out ...Read Review

Storms of Retribution (Talon)

By James Boschert - Published 2019



In 1187, the treaty between the Kingdom of Jerusalem, ruled by Guy de Lusignan, and the Arab world, led by Salah Ed Din, is ...Read Review

Listen to the Wind: The Orphans of Tolosa

By Susanne Dunlap - Published 2019


In the 13th century, Azalaïs and Azemar live as orphans in the forests of what is now southern France. When angry men ...Read Review

The Office of Gardens and Ponds

By Didier Decoin - Published 2019



Set in Heian Japan, the book gives us two startlingly opposed worldviews – the imperial court is described in all its effete, rigid, exquisite ...Read Review

Arise Crusader: Book I of the Lotharingian Chronicles

By Val Jensen II - Published 2018



1096 France: young ploughman Anseau of Valois’ rustic but comfortable life is ripped asunder when it becomes known that he loves a local Jewish ...Read Review

The Way of Glory

By Patricia J Boomsma - Published 2018


The novel begins in Bristol, England, in 1154. A Civil war known as the Anarchy drags on. It is a wholly Christian conflict, unlike ...Read Review

I Will Give My Love an Apple: The Savernake Novels Book 4

By Susanna M. Newstead - Published 2018



It is 1204. The winter is harsh, and a stranger is found assaulted and left to die in the forest surrounding the village of ...Read Review


By Nathan Makaryk - Published 2019



Who was Robin Hood or Robin of Nottingham?  In 1191, King Richard is battling during the Crusades to restore Jerusalem to Christian rulers.  The ...Read Review

The Earl Strongbow (The Invader Series)

By Ruadh Butler - Published 2018



Ruadh Butler’s series about the Norman conquest of Ireland continues with The Earl Strongbow, picking up a week after the events of ...Read Review

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