Early Medieval (to 1337)

Eleanor’s Daughter: A Novel of Marie de Champagne

By June Hall McCash - Published 2018


Biographical Fiction

McCash brings her scholarship to life with this vivid reimagining of the life of Marie, Countess of Champagne, a patroness of the arts ...Read Review

A Matter of Interpretation

By Elizabeth Mac Donald - Published 2019



Translation is always a “matter of interpretation”, and it can (still) be a matter of life or death for the translator. Elizabeth Mac ...Read Review

The Irish Princess

By Elizabeth Chadwick - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

The author brings medieval Ireland alive with her trademark mix of engaging characters, high politics, and romance. As the daughter of an Irish ...Read Review

The Twice-Hanged Man (Medieval Mysteries)

By Priscilla Royal - Published 2019



This is Royal’s fifteenth medieval mystery featuring Prioress Eleanor of Norfolk’s Tyndal Priory. It is autumn, 1282. Eleanor is in the Welsh ...Read Review

City of Pearl (An Aelf Fen Mystery)

By Alys Clare - Published 2019



This is Book Nine of the Aelf Fen mystery series, mostly set in 11th-century East Anglia. Lassair, apprentice to the healer and magician ...Read Review

Earl of Huntingdon (Outlaw’s Legacy Book 3)

By N. B. Dixon - Published 2019



Picking up nine years after the conclusion of Knight of Sherwood, readers will find that all is not well with our folk hero. ...Read Review

Age of Saints

By Christy Nicholas - Published 2019


Sixth-century Ireland springs to life in Christy Nicholas’ Age of Saints, a tapestry of historical detail woven with Irish fairy tales and folklore. ...Read Review

Love Without End: A Story of Heloise and Abelard

By Melvyn Bragg - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

In 12th-century Paris, a learned young woman named Heloise is tutored by the famed philosopher Abelard. The teacher and student soon become lovers, ...Read Review

The Forty Thieves: Marjana’s Tale

By Christy Lenzi - Published 2019


Children/Young Adult

The One Thousand and One Nights story starring Ali Baba and his forty thieves is retold from the eyes of Marjana, a slave ...Read Review

Walk the Wild With Me

By Rachel Atwood - Published 2019


Historical Fantasy

Walk the Wild with Me is a historical fantasy set in Robin Hood’s legendary Nottingham. The reader must suspend disbelief as the ...Read Review