Early Medieval (to 1337)

Prithviraj Chauhan: The Emperor Of Hearts

By Anuja Chandramouli. - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

In 1166, a son named Prithviraj Chauhan is born to Karpuradevi and Someshvara. Soon after, Someshvara accedes to rule a powerful aryavarta kingdom from ...Read Review

Aethelflaed: Lady of the Mercians

By Tim Clarkson - Published 2018



This biography of Aethelflaed, the 9th-century Anglo-Saxon noblewoman who ruled Mercia, is both an enjoyable read and meticulously well researched. Aethelflaed was the ...Read Review

Song Castle

By Luke Waterson - Published 2018


Wales, 1176. The great lord of a newly-built castle is throwing a party, a contest of song, poetry and music, which he opens to ...Read Review

Sheriff & Priest

By Nicky Moxey - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

This story of Wimer, a little known 12th-century churchman, is inspired by field archaeology. Nicky Moxey is the proud discoverer of the Priory ...Read Review

The Ring of Flames

By Joan Fallon - Published 2017


Al-Andalus/Córdoba between the years of 1008 and the fall of the city to Sulayman ibn al-Hakim in 1013 AD (no nod given to ...Read Review

Shield of Kronos

By Kathryn Le Veque - Published 2017



1196 AD, England. Garrett de Moray is Captain of the Royal Guard for King Richard. Lady Lyssa du Bose is a lady-in-waiting to the ...Read Review

Misfortune of Song

By Christy Nicholas - Published 2018


Beginning in 1846 Ireland, Misfortune of Song is the fifth in the Druid’s Brooch series, which traces the passage of an heirloom with ...Read Review

The Forest Queen

By Betsy Cornwell - Published 2018


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

In this gender-bending Robin Hood reimagining, 16-year-old Silvie Loughsley has lived under her brother’s cruelty for too long. Now that John’s ...Read Review

Heroines of the Medieval World

By Sharon Bennett Connolly - Published 2018



As slightly more than half of the human population, women have always had an integral role in history. But that role has been ...Read Review

Cometh the Hour

By Annie Whitehead - Published 2017


With a careful hand and keen appreciation for the era’s material culture, Annie Whitehead, the inaugural winner of the HWA Dorothy Dunnett ...Read Review