4th Century

The Boar Stone

By Jules Watson - Published 2007



This is the third book in Jules Watson’s Dalriada trilogy. AD 366: Britain is ruled by the Romans. Minna, a Roman serving girl, ...Read Review

The Queen of the Night

By Paul Doherty - Published 2006



Rome is horrified by a series of violent abductions in which the sons and daughters of the wealthiest Roman families are imprisoned and ...Read Review

Gods and Legions

By Michael Curtis Ford - Published 2002


Biographical Fiction

The Romans produced many memorable historical figures and this novel, set during the last years of the Roman Empire, is about one of ...Read Review

Lord of Silver

By Alan Fisk - Published 2000


Alternate HistoryLiterary

In the Museum of London there is a Roman roof tile with a message written into the wet clay just after the tile ...Read Review