Sue Allan

Living in Hope

By Sue Allan - Published 2010


SagaShort Stories

This novel, which is divided into three related stories, was prompted by research into the author’s own family history and from a ...Read Review

Tudor Rose

By Sue Allan - Published 2009


Biographical Fiction

  This novel tells the fascinating real-life story of Rose Hickman, née Locke. Nearing the end of her life, she wrote a ...Read Review

Restoration Lady

By Sue Allan - Published 2008


If, like me, you have read and enjoyed Mayflower Maid and Jamestown Woman you will be eager to read the concluding part of ...Read Review

Jamestown Woman

By Sue Allan - Published 2007



About a year ago I read and enjoyed Mayflower Maid, which told the story of an obscure servant woman’s adventures on the ...Read Review

The Mayflower Maid

By Sue Allan - Published 2006



It’s always a treat to get a book from a small publishing house, and an even bigger treat if the book turns ...Read Review