Randy Lee Eickhoff

And Not to Yield: A Novel of the Life and Times of Wild Bill Hickok

By Randy Lee Eickhoff - Published 2004


Biographical FictionWestern

Wild Bill Hickok kills only those who deserve to be killed in Randy Lee Eickhoff’s latest, an awkward reworking of the gunfighter’...Read Review

The Red Branch Tales

By Randy Lee Eickhoff - Published 2003



  The Red Branch Tales is book six in Randy Lee Eickhoff’s endeavor to gather, translate, and retell the ancient Irish stories ...Read Review

He Stands Alone

By Randy Lee Eickhoff - Published 2002


Biographical FictionShort Stories

Eickhoff’s Ulster Cycle series is an excellent way for anyone to enjoy the legendary saga of the Irish warrior-hero, Cuchulainn. He Stands ...Read Review

The Raid: A Dramatic Retelling of Ireland’s Epic Tale

By Randy Lee Eickhoff - Published 1997


Eickhoff has taken on the mammoth task of “dramatically” retelling the story of Ireland, the Tain Bo Cualigne, in several books being published ...Read Review