Kate Horsley

Black Elk in Paris

By Kate Horsley - Published 2006


In 1888, as the Eiffel Tower is being constructed close by, the lives of a French family and their physician are changed by a ...Read Review

The Changeling of Finnistuath

By Kate Horsley - Published 2004



Set in medieval Ireland, The Changeling of Finnistuath is an in-depth look into the morass of hypocrisy and vulgarity that one calls civilization. ...Read Review

Careless Love

By Kate Horsley - Published 2003



Thomas Hall of Boston reasons that his mother’s story about his father being killed in the Civil War doesn’t mesh with ...Read Review

Confessions Of A Pagan Nun

By Kate Horsley - Published 2001


Biographical Fiction

Based on an obscure 5th century Gaelic manuscript discovered in Ireland, this short novel is written in the form of a diary by ...Read Review