Harry Turtledove

Fort Pillow

By Harry Turtledove - Published 2006



  It’s 1864 in Jackson, Tennessee, at a military headquarters that has changed from Confederate to Union and now back to Confederate ownership. ...Read Review

The First Heroes: New Tales of the Bronze Age

By Harry Turtledove - By Noreen Doyle (Editors) - Published 2004


FantasyShort Stories

This collection of fourteen Bronze Age-related stories is certainly eclectic, ranging from time-traveling people to time-traveling places to mythological characters and more. The ...Read Review

Ruled Britannia

By Harry Turtledove - Published 2002


Alternate History

In 1588 the Spanish Armada failed in its attempt to invade England, but what if it hadn’t? That is the premise of this ...Read Review

Worlds That Weren’t

By Harry Turtledove - By Mary Gentle - By S.M. Stirling - By Walter Jon Williams - Published 2002


Alternate History

These four alternate-history novellas make an appetite-whetting introduction for the neophyte. In Turtledove’s The Daimon, Socrates looks on in dismay as a ...Read Review

Household Gods

By Harry Turtledove - Published 1999



Nicole Gunther-Perrin, single mother and transplanted Californian, is having the worst week of her life. Her deadbeat ex-husband heads to Cancún with ...Read Review