Edith Grossman (trans.)

In the Night of Time

By Antonio Muñoz Molina - By Edith Grossman (trans.) - Published 2014



We meet Ignacio Abel, a prominent Spanish architect, at Penn Station in 1936 as he flees from Madrid, where he was in danger from ...Read Review

The Dream of the Celt

By Edith Grossman (trans.) - By Mario Vargas Llosa - Published 2012


Biographical FictionLiterary

The opening chapter presents Roger Casement under a sentence of death for treason because of his efforts to recruit Irish POWs to fight ...Read Review

Destiny and Desire

By Carlos Fuentes - By Edith Grossman (trans.) - Published 2011



It is difficult not to be drawn into a no that begins with the severed head of the protagonist telling his tale. So ...Read Review